A bill now in front of Pennsylvania lawmakers could expunge pot convictions for people with medical conditions.

The legislation was proposed this week by a Montgomery County Democrat. It would allow people convicted of marijuana possession to get their convictions expunged if they prove they had the drugs for medical reasons.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since February for people with at least one of 17 conditions.




  1. Well that makes no sense. They were convicted while it was illegal and I’m sure they purchased the weed from some dude named mark in a dark alley and not a doctor. I’m all for medical use or even just legalizing it don’t get me wrong. But this makes no sense. To turn over convictions while it was illegal makes no sense

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  2. About time our legislature is doing something right. Most of the country is ahead of this. Weed isn’t opioids, the marijuana supporters just don’t have as much pay off and lobby money as the big drug companies. The antiquated laws need changed NOW

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