Two overdose deaths under “investigation” Investigation is a waste of taxpayers money

A 30-year-old man was found dead Tuesday evening at his home in Butler. A day earlier, a 25-year-old man died at his home in Zelienople.

Butler County Deputy Coroner Larry Barr pronounced both men dead.

Police say they are investigating the overdose deaths, I do not know what you would be investigating? They jammed a needle into themselves and injected heroin at their own free will. There ya go, case closed.




  1. Even though it was their choice they still have family members that loved and cared about them and if investigating to help get these drugs off the street let them


    • Why is there an investigation? Because they are going after the people who sold it to them. Nowadays, through cell phone data, that is not a daunting task


  2. Tricia you cant really think those drugs will ever come off the street. However the fact that you said you think that shows your a woman who clearly shouldn’t have been given the right to vote. Here’s your slim Jim. (Whap) o ya

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  3. Oh WW3 that fantasy land you are in would be nice. You are aware that this is Butler County PA? The same county where the Skank Peters Ho is walking around still partying away, Lambing is still in county holding, and we have a memorial for dead drug addicts along with having a fund raiser for a murdered little boy to help his killers.
    Maybe Pullman and Bantam will start back up or you can wake up.
    The thoughts are nice but it ain’t happening.


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