Butler Township Dairy Queen Forced To Close

The Butler Township business has been a fixture for six decades. It’s been locally owned and franchised by father-and-son team Jim and Eric Edwards for 51 years. This time of year the business is usually gearing up for another busy summer season, but that’s not the case this year.

Butler Radio reports that, Eric Edwards said corporate DQ found him in non-compliance because of his ice cream machines. Corporate wants them updated so all shops across the country have the same ones, but Edwards said they just bought new machines a few years ago- to the tune of thousands of dollars- they passed state inspections this year- and there’s no reason to buy new ones.

“Just let us work and serve the community,” Eric Edwards said. “I’ve been coming to this shop every morning for decades to work. I don’t know what to do with myself.”

Dean Peters, director of communications for the American Dairy Queen Corporation, said in a statement that the company does not take the termination of franchise agreements lightly but that confidentiality agreements prevent them from discussing the specifics.

“American Dairy Queen Corporation does not terminate franchise agreements lightly. We have many franchisees in our system who have owned and operated DQ locations for 40, 50 and even 60-plus years.  There are a multitude of factors that go into decisions when franchises may need to be terminated. Again, those decisions are not taken lightly. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to respond to or discuss specific allegations,” the statement reads.

Jim and Eric Edwards said they’ve received a tremendous amount of support from the Butler community since the closing. They hope corporate DQ will notice it and work with them to re-open.

You can contact the American Dairy Queen Corporation at 866-793-7582.

In my humble opinion this seems like Dairy Queen is forcing this small business we have all grown to love over the years out of business, forcing them to buy unneeded equipment in order to boost profits for Dairy Queen. Feel free to call Dairy Queen and express your feelings everyone.

Photo Credit Butlerradio.com





  1. Well if he owns the equipment and the store then just change the name and start selling ice cream. Unless there is something in the franchise agreement that prohibits that, if not go for it.

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  2. Better yet, if DQ can shut someone down for not running equipment they want, fucking buy them the damn equipment they demand?! They want them all being the same. So provide money to do it. Really weird how that isn’t the obvious thing to do

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  3. maybe we should boycott all Dairy Queen and just support local ice creamshop . The they will notice because their profits will surely go down, But I vote to reopen under new management like just in the son name. Call E &J Ice cream Shack The local people who have supported you in the past will support in your new advantage. Good Luck and God Bless You Praying for you


  4. I just called the DQ headquarters, the man wrote everything I said, took my info and said he would forward it to the “heads” . please everyone bombard them. We all have fabulous memories of summer nights at the Edward’s Dairy Queen.

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  5. Mr Edwards, you have one of the original style stores and it seems to bring back memories of a nicer time. I’ve been there countless times. Seeing you open in late winter let’s us know spring is here. Not calendar date or Phil seeing his shadow. I always stopped every year the first time I see you open. To include one time about 10 years ago when it was a balmy 14 degrees, still it meant spring is here.
    King Cone and Debbie’s does well and so will you. Stay open, call it Dairy Quality, still DQ. You didn’t try to scam or screw the corporation,they screwed you.
    Please stay open, I want to see the lights on when I come up New Castle Hill.I want to get me a Snowstorm since you won’t have Blizzards. Maybe a Foggy instead of a Misty but a Sundae is still a Sundae, a cone is a cone. Finally your ice cream stand is still our favorite.

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