Winfield Township Fire Department To Close

Supervisors in southern Butler County plan to close down the 30-year-old Winfield Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The Winfield Township Supervisors will take a vote on the matter in August. If the department is shut down, the township will enter into an agreement with the three neighboring fire departments– Herman, Saxonburg and Buffalo Township– to provide fire protection services.

No official word why this is happening, but this is believed to be due to lack of enrollment in the volunteer fire department.

Sad, because everyone at this department is a great group of guys.

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  1. if they did drug testing, and had sobriety breath test on the trucks. I doubt they could get enough help. not saying they are all that way. but I work beside a VFD. and they are drunk idiots


  2. Yeah no that’s a massive no no. We smelt booze on a high ranking members breath at an accident scene many years ago and made someone come pick him up from the scene and he was removed. I’m sure some of the very rural departments are guilty of some pretty intense stuff but I’ve been with my department for 12 years and other than that one time nothing close to it has happened again. Then again, if you don’t get close enough to smell their breath at any time during the incident I guess there’s no way you’d know. But what a disgusting and sickening thing to ever happen. To even think of fucking around like that is unreal.


  3. Anyway, in order for this department to be closed, they are going to have to meet A LOT of criteria. The department will fight this and probably win. If you are trying to close a department due to low membership, you’re gonna have to shut every department in Butler County down. That’s been a problem for years and not specific to Winfield. Can’t say it’s because they are NFPA compliant because NO department in Butler is. Also can’t pick and choice of the compliant list. Gotta be all or nothing.

    Moral of story, they will put up a hell of a fight and me personally will be right behind them as well as many others


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