Do not rent list

Below are names submitted by local landlords, these names have stiffed local landlords. Most have been taken to civil court for not paying rent, or destroying the landlords property.

I would highly suggest as a landlord you read this lost before you rent to anyone. Please take this list of names into consideration when renting to someone listed here, know that they have had problems in the past with a landlord.

All information is submitted to Butler News via third party, Butler News does not take responsibility for any possible errors on this list.

Kaylee Shay

Jenifer blystone

Chrissy Shelatree Thompson

Cheyenne Karch (non payment of rent, drugs and prostitution)

Chuck Evans

Kathleen Brooks

Josh Speicher

Josh Caldwell

Dave Hoover

Jeff & Stephanie Shidemantle

Stephanie Basone

Chelsey Foy

Jonathon Wimberly

Nicole Claypool

Charlene Turbett

Christine Semple

Richard Hilliard
Alexandra Charmly

Tonya Carson

Jim Rump

Faith Claypool

Tawnya Moore

Jessica Trinkley

Tricia Bailey

Robert Bland

Antoinette Cunningham

Jackie Mitchell

Amber Young

Laura Antonelli (Torres)

Carlos Torres

Dave Masdea

Laura Halstead

Mikal Atkinson

Lynette Antonelli

Tiffany Zanella. She has 2 landlord claims on the magistrate listing.

Laura halstead


See the entire first listing for 2018 by clicking this link.